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article Infographic

EU-Bridges-Infographic Trends in Bridge Design& Construction 2012
This infographic presents the findings of Construction IQ’s recent survey of bridge owners, operators, main contractors, engineering companies, sub-contractors, suppliers, solution providers and consultants – offering a snapshot of the current trends and challenges in the industry.

podcast Podcasts

  • Today’s Challenges in Life Cycle Costing for Bridge Design
    Jasper Schavemaker, LCC consultant at Rijkswaterstaat, joins Construction IQ to discuss the challenges and lessons learned in Life Cycle Costing, looking specifically at Bridge Design, and what he sees as the most important developments so far in 2012 and looking ahead to 2013.
    Download a transcript of our interview with Jaap Bakker here.
  • European Priorities in Bridge Design and The Implications of the Euro Growth Package
    Nicolae Bidiga, Bridge Engineering Manager at Atkins Rail Solutions, and David Smith, Structures Service Director at Atkins Highways and Transportation, join Construction IQ to discuss the impact of the current economic climate on sustainable design in the bridge industry, how regulation and specifications are changing across Europe, new asset management strategies to increase the life cycle of bridges, and investment in restoration/preservation of heritage structures. The interview also includes their reflections on innovative projects underway in Europe and their predictions for the future of bridge construction and maintenance. Finally, they discuss what the announcement the Euro Growth Package will include 4.5 billion Euros for new infrastructure means for the bridge construction industry.
    Download the Transcript
  • What is Wrong with Life Cycle Costing?
    Given the opportunity to speak to Dutch Life Cycle Cost expert, Jaap Bakker, Senior Specialist at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, we asked around among the bridge engineering community to find out what they thought were the challenges inherent in working with life cycle costs. Based on the responses we received, we put together a couple of questions to ask Jaap Bakker.
    Do you prefer to read the interview? Download a transcript of our interview with Jaap Bakker here..

  • How to apply the Eurocodes to major bridge building projects
    Thomas Pretaschek, Project Manager at OBB, joins Construction IQ to discuss the role of the Eurocodes in major bridge building projects including The Brunnsgraben Bridge project and the Steyrthal Bridge project.
    Download a transcript of the discussion here.

article Top popular presentation from Bridges Europe 2011 and Bridges Exchange 2011

Franz-Bergmair The Longest & Highest Danube Bridge, Beska-SERBIA Value and Challenges
Presented by Franz Bergmair, Director International Projects, ALPINE Bau GmbH

Bridge-Asset-Management Bridge Asset Management and Maintenance across the Belgian Rail
Presented by Paul Godart, Chief Civil Engineer, Infrabel

Bridge-Construction-as-Part Bridge Construction as Part of Railway Expansion
Presented by Luc Maes, Programme Manager, Infrabel

optimising_infrastructure Optimising Infrastructure Through Intelligent Use of Advanced Modelling
Presented by Timo Tirkkonen, Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency

Danube-Bridge-at-Traismauer Danube Bridge at Traismauer, AUSTRIA and Danube Bridge at Beska, SERBIA - Innovation in Foundation Design and Construction Methods
Presented by Peter Jungbauer, Project Director of ALPINE Construction

article Articles

Bridge-Infrastructure-developments Bridge Infrastructure developments in Russia for ATES Summit in Vladivostok 2012 and Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014
Russia is currently experiencing a major surge in infrastructure investment. With the country due to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Vladivostok 2012 and Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014, the race is on to ensure the country is properly equipped to cope with the demands placed on it. The impact is one which could be transformative and long-lasting, but will it prove a shot in the arm or a short-lived affair?

Bridge-construction Bridge construction and harsh climate: how climate affects technologies used in construction projects
"(…)However, the construction has not been without its setbacks. Earlier this month, the huge structure to connect Russky Island to the Eastern Strait went up in flames. The fire is under investigation but is thought to have started as a result of the 'human factor'. Despite the stumbling block, which took 11 hours and 167 people to get under control, experts claim it will not cause any delay to completion (...)"

  • Progress on Scotland's Forth Replacement Crossing
    The Forth Replacement Crossing represents the single biggest capital investment project in Scotland for a generation and is being championed by ministers as a concrete symbol of the country's triumph over economic turmoil.

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For a quick listen to specific questions posed to Jaap Bakker, Senior Specialist at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, you can access individual sections of the interview below.

If you prefer to listen to specific questions and themes within the interview with Thomas Pretaschek, you can download short excerpts below.

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